The first ever Beach Football World Championship in 2017 will be held in Costa Rica from 2nd to 5th of November 2017. Organization of the event has already been underway and the American Football Federation of Costa Rica has a strong intention to make sure that every single detail gets accomplished and contribute to the grow of the sport.

We had the opportunity to speak with Mr Walter Bolanos, the Secretary General of the American Football Federation of Costa Rica (FEFACR). He told us how everything started and what athletes and visitors can expect.

What was the main intention of your organization to apply for hosting the Championship?

– After seeing how well organize the IFAF is, we want to be part of all events that the organization might have. Having the opportunity to host the first world beach football championship was a dream come true. Costa Rica has beautiful beaches and is a country full of amazing things that every person that will come to a football event will fall in love.

Applying and giving a great proposal was the idea for a positive effect to the IFAF that will show that Costa Rica has the perfect environment to host the event. Also, we knew that if we get to host this event we will bring and create a stronger view of the practice of beach football for Costa Rica and for the area.

How did you react when you find out that you got the hosting rights?

– After several e-mails and weeks of waiting for an answer we got an e-mail saying that we were in the group of countries that express interest to host the very first Beach Football World Championship.

Weeks later, we got an e-mail saying that we were the chosen country for this event. This opportunity has simply overwhelmed me and all the people that work in Costa Rica to make American football a great sport. It was an honor to host the event.

What does it mean to your federation and American football in Costa Rica in general?

– We are full of joy. We knew that hosting this event will give us the opportunity to provide a different way to practice American football and create more teams in the country. This will show the world that a small country that is full of amazing things can bring beach football into a new level.

What is your next step and what are your plans regarding the organization?

– We are planning to follow our proposal. We are trying to make it as good as we can. We want to make sure that every single detail for this event gets accomplished and also contribute to the grow of the sport of beach football in the country and for the thousands of people that practice it.

We would like to give you an early welcome to all the countries that will be here for the 2017 World Championship Beach Football.

The application period is still open and all interested countries and federations can apply until May 31st 2017.