El Salvador will be inaugurating its first ever National Championship, Tazón de la Nación. American football has existed in this small tropical country of Central America since the late 1990s, however, it had no growth or expansion, and was only represented by a lone club that also acted as its national representative up until 2010.

The Salvadorian Association of American Intramural Football – SAAIF, would shortly thereafter become the country’s National Governing body of American Football under the guidance of Founder/Commissioner Steve Agreda. In 2011, SAAIF hosted a visit from IFAF President Tommy Wiking and IFAF representatives, looking to further the reach of the sport at a global level.

Since then, El Salvador has exploded over the last six years in the development of the sport and now boasts of 8 senior male club teams, nationwide (11v11, 52 person roster), 5 female flag teams (5v5, 15 person rosters w/ 5 development teams underway), 32 Co-Ed Flag teams (5v5, 12 person roster), 2 municipal youth flag leagues and so on, will be incorporating Flag Football into the National University Sports curriculum (ADUSAL, 32 Universities in all).

The Nation’s Bowl will go on to be the most coveted trophy a club team can achieve to win at the end of their regular season. The #1 team will square off against the #2 to put an end as to who has the right to call themselves the undisputed National Champion and it will be played on December 4th, at 5pm at Las Delicias Stadium in the City of Santa Tecla.

Commissioner, Steve Agreda went on to add:

I hope that we can be an example to the world of football, that you can go from being a federation on paper with little to no growth and accomplish what others believe to be the unimaginable. El Salvador may be small, like many other countries, but we’ll bring the big sack, the big hit, or in this case the big game, when it counts the most! People and/or other organizations, shouldn’t underestimate the value in an adversary because of their size, or beginning.

Después de 15 años de la existencia del ‘FOOTBALL’ Americano en El Salvador, 6 de esos con SAAIF, llega el partido mas…

Posted by Salvadorian Association of American Intramural Football (SAAIF) on Monday, November 14, 2016