Italy vs Sweden, the press conference. Orlando: “There was no better way to celebrate the 15 years of IFAF”

The official press conference was held today at Villa Niscemi for of presentation of the football match “Italy vs Sweden” scheduled for tomorrow at 18.00 to the field of Cus Palermo, in via Altofonte 80.

The prestigious match was organized to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the founding of international governing body, International Federation of American Football (IFAF).

In attendance was Mayor Leoluca Orlando, who is also the President FIDAF (Italian Federation of American Football), the Deputy Mayor Caesar Lapiana with responsibility for Sporting, the IFAF President, Tommy Wiking, the delegate FIDAF for Sicily Manfredi Leone, the President of the Cardinals and Palermo, honorary member of the board IFAF Alberto Di Dio, and head coach of the national involved.

“We are very pleased – said Mayor Orlando – Palermo that is to host the game tomorrow. And because there is no better way to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of IFAF, who was born in Palermo, is because we believe this occasion a further step for our application to Capital Sports Capital of Culture in 2013 and in 2019. I invite all the people of Palermo to participate and watch the game” said the mayor, recalling that the entrance is free.

“One of the tasks of the municipal administration said the Councillor Lapiana is to give space to so-called ‘minor sports’ involving thousands of practitioners and enthusiasts.

Our city wants to be the center of every sports activity because not only football in Palermo on American Football has always been a reality. It is no coincidence that in the Plan of Public Works have been inserted important interventions for the rehabilitation of sports facilities in the city, some of whom are in serious condition after a decade of neglect.”

“I thank the City Council, said the director of FIDAF for Sicily, Manfredi Leone, for giving us support in the organization for this important game. It’s nice of Palermo to host it: the game gives media space to the city and also allows you to enhance the cognitive development of the sport.”