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IFAF | Who we are

The first national American Football federation outside of the United States was founded in Canada in 1896, as Canada already had a long history with Canadian football. Japan was also an early adopter of American football, establishing its national federation in 1936. The first European federation was formed in 1976. Since then, the sport has experienced a significant expansion, especially in Europe, culminating in the founding of the European Federation of American Football in 1993. Five years later (1998), the International Federation of American Football was officially formed. The IFAF became a pro-visionary member of SportAccord in 2003, and became a full SportAccord member in 2005.

In 2013 IFAF was granted provisional recognition to the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

In 2014, IFAF became a member of Association of IOC Recognised International Sport Federation (ARISF).

The Mission of IFAF

  • Improve the quality and education of football players, coaches, officials, administrators and programs worldwide.
  • Educational and innovative resources for the football community to help strengthen the growth of American Football.
  • Promote and increase player participation across the three disciplines of football: tackle, flag and beach.
  • Author unified rules, standards and best practices
  • Improve the quality, number and scope of international competitions

Core Values

IFAF and the game of football are inspired by the following ideals:

  • Integrity through honesty and fair play
  • Leadership in the development and promotion of the game
  • Respect for teammates, opponents and officials
  • Passion for the game and for the transmission of skills and principles
  • Teamwork through coordinated effort to utilize individual capabilities
  • Discipline in the physical and mental preparation for the game

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