Many Olympic values activities are organized on Olympic Day. It is about teaching people about the values of excellence, respect and friendship and how they can be applied on and off the field of play.

For each individual, sport is a possible source for inner improvement – Pierre de Coubertin

NOCs offer programmes likely to interest teachers and educators who can then take them into their classrooms to reach children and adolescents.

Striving for Excellence

Stands for giving our best, on the field of play or in the professional arena. It is not only about winning, but also about participating, making progress towards personal goals, striving to be and to do our best in our daily lives and benefiting from the healthy combination of a strong body, mind and will.

Demonstrating Respect

This value incorporates respect for oneself, for one’s body, for others, for the rules and regulations, and for sport and the environment. Related to sport, respect stands for fair play and for the fight against doping and any unethical behaviour.

Celebrating Friendship

This encourages us to consider sport as a tool for mutual understanding among individuals and people from around the world. Olympism inspire humanity to overcome political, economic, gender, racial and religious differences and forge friendships in spite of those differences.

The Olympic Values Education Programme

The Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP) can help to create an environment that promotes the Olympic Values through learner-centric activities which are: fun, creative, physical, relevant and stimulating. These individual and team-oriented activities help to instil positive behaviour and resilience in young people to help them face and overcome challenges in their local and cultural contexts.

Physical activity and sport have significant benefits for health, well-being and youth development. Sport can be a fantastic tool for outcomes such as peace, holistic education and social development. Recognizing the unique potential of sport as an educational and communication tool, the Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP) is a practical set of learning resources designed to inspire and allow young people to experience life values such as excellence, respect and friendship.

The Programme goes beyond geo-political and artificial boundaries and aims to create a sustainable platform to address societal issues such as:

  • healthy life style
  • social inclusion
  • gender balance
  • physical and academic literacy
  • rebuilding of local communities

The Olympic Values Education Programme is designed to benefit youth from all walks of life, and all levels of athletic ability and interest. It is not just for budding Olympic athletes.

It can be put into action by teachers and instructors, coaches and sports clubs, governments and educational authorities, members of the Olympic Family, and even parents at home.

The Programme aims to disseminate a values-based curriculum that will shape the development of child and youth character. Using the context of Olympic sports, participants are taught skills and strategies that will help them to assume the responsibilities of global citizenship and civic literacy.