France defeated its eastern neighbors from Germany with 14:6 in the final of the American football competition at the World Games, being held in Wroclaw.

Rainy evening and bad weather in Wroclaw were more favorable for defense players of both teams, so it was expected that there won’t be many points in the match.

The French once again demonstrated powerful play, despite battling hard of its opponents. Only two touchdowns were enough for them to win in the grand final match – the first one in the second quarter, when QB Paul Durand “shot” Robin Sebeille with the ball right in the Germans end zone, and the second one, with rushing touchdown by Stephen Yepmo in the last quarter.

The Germans first got in the lead, in the first quarter. QB Paul Zimmermann propelled 63 yards long pass to Kwame Ofori, but Thomas Rauch didn’t score a point after touchdowns. Anyway, such a play of the Germans promised that they will be convincing in victory in the continuation of the match. They even showed a quite good defensive play, but French were better in this battle of the defenses.

Germany had to content itself with a silver medal and the runner-up title from this 10th edition of the World Games. Third-ranked are Americans who had won against Poland 14:7 earlier the same day.

1/4 – 6:0

6:0 – Paul Zimmermann, pass 63 yards to Kwame Ofori; PAT not good, Thomas Rauch

2/4  – 0:7

6:7 – Paul Durand, pass 2 yards to Robin Sebeille; PAT good, Jefferson Alexandre

3/4 – 0:0

4/4 – 0:7

6:14 – Stephen Yepmo, run 3 yards; PAT good, Jefferson Alexandre

Photo: Bartek Sadowski (TWG PHOTOS)