The IFAF Presidium accepted an application from the United States Federation of American Football (USFAF) to be a provisional member of IFAF. Its first activity in the international level will be participating in the World Games as official United States representative of IFAF.

“IFAF welcomes a new and very much needed chapter in the development of American football worldwide. The new US member will represent the whole football community of US”, stated Mr. Tommy Wiking, the IFAF President.

The U.S. Federation of American Football (USFAF) originally founded in 2009 to manage the operations in support of adult amateur football and the international club level team, The USA Eagles, which was founded in 2002. Since that time, Mr. Rudy Wyland has been the Executive Director and he was the Head Coach for the Eagles club team.

“We’re honored to be working with IFAF and are committed to a strong and cooperative relationship with IFAF and all the member nations. For our organization, this is a welcome recognition of nearly 15 years of effort in international and domestic football programs”, said on this occasion Mr. Rudy Wyland, the first man of the U.S. Federation of American Football. He added:

“This year we have restructured to obtain our government’s recognition as a non-profit organization, which was also a requirement of IFAF for consideration as a member. I remained as Executive Director but now will become the Head Coach of our USFAF Men’s National Team and will relinquish my duties as a coach with the USA Eagles Football Club. Keven Booker has accepted the position of Head Coach of that program”, said Mr. Wyland.

USFAF has agreed to comply with the IFAF Anti-doping rules and with the restructuring, USFAF also formalized its competitive programs. The USA Eagles Football Club will continue to play other international club-level teams in IFAF-USFAF sanctioned friendly events.

Also, USFAF has expanded to include women’s, flag and U-19 programs. There is a strong relationship with women’s and flag football as well as adult amateur football. It is expected that USFAF will continue to expand its programs and membership over the coming years.

Through USFAF National Team Programs, the organization intends to participate in as many world events sanctioned by IFAF as possible. Mr. Wyland said it is a vital component.

“We will form National Teams for all the disciplines governed by IFAF”, he stressed.

The first big step for USFAF is going to be participation at the 2017 World Games in Wroclaw, Poland. The U.S. Federation of American Football learned in December 2016 that American football was to be included in World Games 2017 by reading the IFAF website and press releases.

“We were intrigued and excited about our sport being included in such a prestigious event.  We reached out to Mr. Tommy Wiking, the President of IFAF in hope that we might be considered for the U.S. Representative role in these games and then applied to IFAF for membership”, Mr. Wyland explained, adding the following:

“The inclusion of American football in the World Games is very exciting. We’re sure the competition will be challenging. We know about how well Germany and Poland play the sport. It’s grown so much in Poland in the past several years. Germany, for its part, has been an international leader in helping American football grow. As for France, well, we’ve known France for many years.  Our USA Eagles Football Club program has played the French National Team twice and have found them to be great football opponents and friends. These are all very important relationships and the best way to grow our sport is to nurture it through these competitions”, Mr. Wyland concluded.