For the football community’s knowledge and understanding, the following list from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is what IFAF and ALL  other International Sports Federations are expected to adhere to through the remainder of 2016.

– Adjusted programs to meet requirements of 2015 Code
– Delivering In and Out of Competition Testing
– Result Management in accordance with rules
– Therapeutic Use Exemption process
– Educational Programs
– Using ADAMS – Doping Control Form and TUE Entry

For IFAF to meet the 2016 requirements from WADA, IFAF has come to an agreement with SportAccord while at the Sportaccord Convention in Lausanne, Switzerland. IFAF’s new contract will be for an anti-doping arrangement with SportAccord was complete with SportAccord’s Doping-Free Sport Unit Interim Director Matteo Vallini.

The Doping-Free Sport Unit is proud to start this new and exciting collaboration with IFAF. 2016 is an year of compliance and both IFAF and the DFSU want to ensure that all requirements in this respect will be achieved. This is crucially important for the protection of the clean athletes” stated Matteo Vallini, SportAccord Doping-Free Sport Unit Interim Director.

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