The International Federation of American Football and the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic (FICS) signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that implies agreement between two parties regarding chiropractic services at the Games conducted by the IFAF.

It is agreed that the IFAF shall inform all the local organizing committees (LOCs) that chiropractic services shall be included as necessary and core services as part of the Games conducted by the IFAF. FICS with the IFAF will work with the LOCs in a timely manner to deliver those services.

Of course, chiropractic services will depend upon a number of factors, including FICS receiving notice of the Games and a signed agreement from the LOC with adequate time to recruit volunteer sports chiropractors, who will be taking time from their usual professional practices, and whether or not FICS is able to recruit the required team of sports chiropractors for the specific Games event.

For mutual benefit, FICS shall nominate, and the IFAF shall appoint, an appropriately qualified sports chiropractor to the IFAF Medical Commission.

Pete Garbutt, president of the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic, said:

“FICS is pleased to be signing an MOU with IFAF for the provision of Chiropractic services at world championship events. It is always a pleasure to work together with a federation such as IFAF to ensure the best of care for athletes and the provision of a level playing field for all. Opportunities to work with International Federations such as IFAF helps to build the Olympic ideals of solidarity, friendship, and fair play.”

The president of the IFAF Tommy Wiking expressed satisfaction with the cooperation with FICS, adding:

“We believe in long-term and quality cooperation with FICS. Provision of chiropractic services in the official IFAF’s competitions represents, among other, effort to provide best care for our athletes and the desire to raise the organizational quality of all our competitions.”

FICS is the world governing body for sports chiropractic and a professional organization through which sports chiropractic services are procured for and offered to athletes at games events for international federations. International federations and athletes are requesting that sports chiropractic services be available at games events before, during and after training and competition, on an equal basis to all athletes and as an integral part of the sports medicine services available.