The delegation of IFAF lead by IFAF President Mr. Tommy Wiking attended the summit of the world of sport at the SportAccord Convention at Lausanne April 18th-22nd 2016. President Wiking was accompanied by IFAF Senior Vice President Mr. Robert Huber and IFAF General Secretary Mrs. Zorica Hofman.

On April 18th 2016 the delegation attended as voting member federation representatives the annual General Assembly of the Association of IOC Recognized International Sports Federations (ARISF). Since the IOC provisional recognition of IFAF by the IOC in December 2013 IFAF became member or ARISF 2014.

ARISF President Mr. Raffaele Chiulli President of the International Union of Powerboating, insisted that the partnership between ARISF and the IOC is the healthiest it has been in recent years. “The cooperation with IOC is getting stronger and stronger, and the importance of ARISF’s role in the process for the Olympic recognition of new sports disciplines has been acknowledged” he said. “We are being given the most relevance we have had for some time and there is a clear message from the federations that we are taking steps forward.”

The week was concluded by the annual General Assembly of Sportaccord, the umbrella organization of the world or sport. The IFAF delegation attended the meeting and IFAF President Wiking was invited to vote in the election of the new Sportaccord President. The new President of Sportaccord was after a clear victory Mr. Patrick Baumann, General Secretary of FIBA and an IOC-member. Mr. Baumann was elected for a four year term.

In between those two events there had been various meetings with Wroclaw World Games Organizing Committee, The International University Sport Federation (FISU), the IOC Sports-Department, Sportaccord President, the City of Berlin, WADA etc. IFAF also signed a cooperation agreement with the Doping Free Sport Unit at Sportaccord which will help IFAF in the anti-doping work and in making sure that IFAF is WADA compliant.

IOC took note that IFAF convened an Extraordinary Congress at March 19th 2016 in Paris to carry forward the business which could not be decided in the year before on the annual Congress July 17th 2015 at Canton. At the Extraordinary Congress all IFAF members had the opportunity to enter in a fair dialog about the future of IFAF and the continuation of the operations of IFAF.

IFAF made progress and continues to have a good open working relationship with the IOC in regard to the recognition process and future inclusion in the world of sport on all levels.