Olympic Day is much more than just a sports event. It is a day for the world to get active, learn about Olympic values and discover new sports.

As the title says, Olympic Day event is based on three key messages or so called “pillars”: move, learn and discover.

“Move” can refer to all sorts of physical activity for people of all ages and abilities. “Learn” applies to education and learning about the role of sport in society and the Olympic values. “Discover” is all about people trying new sports and activities they have never done before.

Based on the three pillar, National Olympic Committees (NOCs) together with other stakeholders organize sports, cultural and educational activities and promotions throughout the world.

Some NOCs have incorporated the event into the school curriculum and, in recent years, many of them have added concerts and exhibitions to the celebration.

Other activities have included meetings for children and young people with top athletes and Olympians, and the development of new web sites directing people to programmes in their neighbourhood, making it easier for everybody to become part of Olympic Day.

In the next few articles, we will meet you closer to the meaning of all three pillars of Olympic Day, describing what kind of activities they may involve.

Celebration of Olympic Day is scheduled on 23 June 2017.