Raffaele Chiulli, President of the UIM (the worldwide federation of powerboating) was unanimously re-elected President of ARISF for another four-year term by the ARISF General Assembly held in Aarhus in Denmark.

The Assembly also elected Susanne Schoedel (FAI) Secretary General, Anna Arzhanova (CMAS) Vice-President and Riccardo Fraccari (WBSC), Molly Rhone (INF) and John Liljelund (IFF) as board members.

“I am honored and pleased of the confidence and trust that I have received by the 37 International Federations of ARISF which represents a tangible recognition of the hard work jointly carried out for the unity and cooperation with all stakeholders of the sport worldwide, especially the IOC and SportAccord with whom our relations are excellent. I am very satisfied with the several important achievements for our international federations such as the inclusion in the Tokyo Olympic Games of five ARISF sports,” said Mr. Chiulli.

He added that he is also proud of the fact that the ARISF is the first international sport organization to have elected a board of absolute gender equity playing a key role in the concrete implementation of the principle of gender equality, which is one of the cornerstones of the reforms by the IOC President Thomas Bach.

Mr. Chiulli announced his intention to lead ARISF to form a closer working relationship with the IOC and its related organizations, ASOIF and AIOWF (representing the Summer and Winter Olympic Games International Federations respectively), in an effort to include ARISF members in the Olympic Sports Programme and to find a way for the IOC to add new sports.

The ARISF President announced that he will also seek to form a strong alliance between ARISF, SportAccord and the SportAccord Convention, which is the most important gathering of Olympic Movement organizations and leaders every year.

The newly elected President and Council took their first big step within only 24 hours, announcing that ARISF will move its headquarters to Lausanne, Switzerland, home of the IOC and all the major related sports organizations. This bold step sends a clear signal that Mr. Chiulli intends to immediately engage the Olympic Movement on a face-to-face basis.

ARISF is the Association of all 37 International Sport Federations recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

The Delegation of IFAF, with the IFAF President Tommy Wiking, IFAF Senior Vice-President Robert Huber and IFAF Secretary General Zorica Hofman, attended ARISF’s General Assembly at the Sportaccord Convention in Aarhus, Denmark.