IFAF on 11/04/2013

Learn more about the 2014 IFAF Development Team that will be traveling to IMG Academy in Florida, USA. New stories will be added leading up to the player nomination deadline of October 31, 2013.


Niclas Carlson (Sweden) Strength and Conditioning Coach

The Swede returns as one of the few who have been involved with the IFAF World Team and IFAF Development Team from the beginning. His experience with international play is extensive, in addition to working with the IFAF World Team and IFAF Development Team; he is the strength and conditioning coach for the Swedish National Teams, most recently the U19 2011 European Junior Championship where Sweden claimed the bronze medal. His contributions span multiple sports as he perfects the strength and conditioning needs of athletes.

Coach Carlson stated “I know what it takes for a player to be prepared to be competitive in this game.” He is following each player as they progress online through the web portal with all of their development for strength, speed, power, and injuries, to assess each player. With this information he is able to measure and detail how the World is becoming great at America’s game. “All sports ends up in a mind game, if you are stronger you only have to be smart to win.”


Learn about Simon from Sweden:

My name is Simon Udrup, recently turned 16. I am from Stockholm, Sweden and I’ve been playing football for about 6 years. I am a student at IMG Academy, which is like a dream coming true. I get all the help I need to develop, all the training, nutrition and especially education! I take French, Geometry, World Literature, World History and Chemistry.

I was nominated to be a part of the IFAF World Development Team a couple of months ago and I decided to go because of the legacy behind IFAF and the success they’ve had and it is a great opportunity to develop my skills in both football and as the young man I hope to become.

Meet Sam:

My name is Sam Verweij I’m originally Dutch but I’m living and playing in Switzerland for the Zürich Renegades and I’m 19 years old. I study mechanical engineering at the ETH in Zürich. I’ve been playing football since 5 years for the Renegades and the Dutch Junior Lions(Dutch National Team).

Being in Florida with the Development Team earlier this year was a good experience not only for playing but also for making new friends and just see how football in the States is. I really enjoyed my time at the IMG Academy because I learned a lot from a lot of good coaches. I can’t wait to come back next year. I’ve been working really hard. I’ve decided to come back this year because I want to achieve a dream and show that European players also can play football!