Germany has won over team USA managed by USFAF with tight result 14 – 13 in the opening match of the American football tournament at the World Games 2017.

After a bit quiet first quarter, in which Germany missed a good chance to get in the lead missing the field-goal, in the second quarter they succeeded after quarterback  Alexander Haupert threw 43 yards long pass to Aurieus Adegbesan. Americans responded very quickly, almost in the same way. QB Dustin Hawke Willingham threw the ball to Terry Gaitor who scored the first touchdown for the USA team, and the result on the scoreboard was equal – 7 – 7.

That was a tailwind for Americans – they scored another goal in the third quarter. Dustin Hawke Willingham propelled one more hit, but this time to Tyrell Blanks, who grabbed the ball in the German’s end zone. Unfortunately, point after that touchdown wasn’t good and that turned out to cost their team winning the match.

In the last quarter, Germany scored once more with the new quarterback. Sonny Tim Robin Weishaupt, who replaced the first one, was in charge for the first win of his team. 28 yards long pass has ended in the hand of wide receiver Kwame Ofori, for the deuce 13 – 13, but Thomas Rauch was once again successful. Minimal advantage but very enough to move into the final.

It is worth to mention that USA QB made four interceptions during the game in contrast to the Germans, which both QBs (Alexander Haupert and Robin Weishaupt) made two – one interception was made by both of them.

It is not the end for Americans because they will battle for the bronze medal game on Monday. Germans will fight for the title the same day.

1/4 – 0 : 0

2/4 – 7 : 7

0 : 7 – Alexander Haupert, pass 43 yards to Aurieus Adegbesan; PAT good, Thomas Rauch

7 : 7 – Dustin Hawke Willingham, pass 47 yards to Terry Gaitor III; PAT good, John Moorhead

3/4 – 6 : 0

13 : 7 – Dustin Hawke Willingham, pass 26 yd to Tyrell Blanks; PAT not good, John Moorhead

4/4 – 7 : 0

13 : 14 – Sonny Tim Robin Weishaupt, pass 28 yd to Kwame Ofori; PAT good, Thomas Rauch