The time has come for championship match of the American football competition of The World Games 2017. The first contest of the day will be the bronze medal game featuring Poland versus the USA with the evening gold-medal game to pit France against Germany.

The final matches promise to be full of excitement with both presenting matchups without a clear favorite. In their first match, Poland fought valiantly against a better French side, while the Americans, despite their failings, came close to taking down Germany. Thus, the championship match will bring together two sides with great potential, the French having already shown great form and Germany having turned out a surprising winner.

Germany’s trainer admitted after his team’s first match that, despite the win, he was not entirely pleased with his side’s attitude and performance. With this in mind, he decided to repeat his preparation schedule from before the semi-final and ordered his team onto the training field for two practice sessions on Sunday. Meanwhile, France and the USA will stick to their normal training session, with Poland cancelling their practice once again. With the effects of their previous training not evident during the semi-final, it is indeed strange that Poland would again pass on their opportunity to prepare.

If pressed for a prediction as to the winner of the American football competition, the smart money would go be on France. The team competing under the “tri-couleur” have shown what a dangerous team they are, particularly the duet of Jefferson and James. It is not out of the question to expect more great football from them – and several touchdowns – during the final. Germany will, no doubt, not go down without a fight – and they have the personnel to compete on the same level as their western neighbours.

When it comes to the third-place match featuring Poland, there is the real possibility of the home team pulling off an upset over the USA. The American side is mostly comprised of players who have never played on American soil and are mainly known from their careers in Polish and European leagues. For Poland to have a chance of winning, they must, however, put behind them the less-than-stellar match against France, and face down the most powerful “army” in football, however weakened it may be.

Poland vs. USA (13.00) and France vs. Germany in the final of finals at 19.00.

Fans can look forward to a double-header full of action and emotion!

Photo: Bartek Sadowski